Helios 44M 58mm f/2
One of the most common lenses of the times of the USSR is Helios-44M 2/58 / Helios-44M in excellent working condition. Firstly, the data copy can please you with its compactness and robustness. Secondly, the lens shows decent sharpness and very nice colors. And of course, in the pictures, he draws a wonderful blur of the blur zones (bokeh). See examples of photos ..

Despite the fact that this lens was produced in the 1970s, we sell lenses only in the state of new, without scratches and fungus on lenses, without loss on the housing and other traces of operation. The lenses also undergo pre-sales preparation (cleaning and lubrication).

Covers. Adapter for camera optional!

Please specify the model of your camera in the comments to the order

Focal length: 58mm

Bayonet: М42

Filter thread diameter: 52мм

Number of diaphragm petals: 6

Apertures diaphragm: f/2.0 - f/16

Housing: Metal

Weight: 350 gr

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