Helios-40 1,5 / 85 (USSR, 1966)

A Soviet high-aperture telephoto lens Helios 40 1.5 / 85 with single-layer coating for cameras with an M39 connection thread (Zenith type SLR cameras). An early silver version .. Made at the Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant in 1966. Excellent condition, like new!
Helios-40 is a modification of the Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 1.5 / 75 lens. The optical design is the same - 6 lenses in 4 groups. In the lens construction, almost everything is made of metal and glass, excellent build quality. The lens has a very fast aperture for this focal length, which is very suitable for shooting in low light. The main feature of the lens is a unique pattern with "swirling" bokeh. Sharpness and color rendition are great! It turns out very beautiful, artistic pictures. (see photo examples). Masterpieces for such a technique are guaranteed!
Includes objective covers, light filters and leather case.

Manufacturer: KMZ
Year of issue: 1966
Lens mount: M39
Focal length:85
Aperture ratio: 1.5
Thread diameter:66

Product condition:
Excellent condition! The lenses are clean without fungus and dust. There is a slight abrasion in the center of the front lens, it does not affect the quality of the photo. There are no traces of corrosion on the body. Focusing ring and aperture ring work smoothly!
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