Helios-44M-6 MS 2/58 M42 1992 Lens

Lens MC Helios-44M-6 manufactured in 1992 - Valdai plant "Jupiter". Good condition, completely serviceable.
Ideal for portraits on modern SLR cameras (aperture 2.0; focal length - 58mm), has a high lens resolution - 45/25 lines / mm. Color rendition, plasticity of the picture, bokeh - at a height (see photo examples).
Additionally, we can equip with an adapter for a modern digital camera.

Manufacturer: OMZU
Year of issue: 1992
Lens mount: M42
Focal length:58
Aperture ratio: 2
Thread diameter: 52

Product condition:
The mechanics are working properly. There is a small misting-like spot on the front lens, the rest of the lenses are clean and free from scratches or stains. The case is chip-free, there is a small scratch near the name. There is a dent mark on the light filter mount, which does not interfere in any way, everything twists perfectly.
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