Helios-44 P 2/58 13 petals KMZ Lens

A rare Soviet high-aperture lens Helios-44 P 2/58 in good, fully serviceable condition. Produced at the Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant in 1960. Fastening - M39 thread.
The optical design was taken from Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 2/58. Until now, Zeiss lenses are renowned for their excellent quality and picture. The build quality is excellent. The aperture has as many as 13 black circular blades (only a few can boast of such a number of modern afto-focus lenses), which always gives even circles in the bokeh. The photo shows a simply stunning artistic picture, with excellent sharpness and excellent color reproduction (see examples of photos). With such a lens, gorgeous portraits are guaranteed.
Additionally, we can equip with an adapter for modern SLR cameras.

Manufacturer: KMZ
Year of issue: 1960
Lens mount: M39
Focal length:58
Aperture ratio: 2
Thread diameter: 49

Product condition:
There are some minor micro-scratches on the back and front lens. The mechanics are working properly. The case is in good condition for its age.
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