Granit -11 4.5 / 80-200 M42 (USSR, 1982)

Telephoto lens Granit-11 4.5 / 80-200 in excellent condition. Manufacturer Arsenal, Kiev, 1982.
This lens is a Soviet telezoom for 35 mm cameras with a constant aperture. Has a multiplicity of x2.5. The lens is well built, with a metal frame and fits well on the camera. The weight allows for long exposures up to 1/60 at the long end. There are two rings on the frame, the wider one is the focusing ring. What is narrower is the zoom ring, it rotates 90 degrees. When zooming, the lens does not change its size. Focusing is smooth. The focus ring rotates 270 degrees, while the front of the lens extends 2 cm. When focusing, the front lens rotates. The diaphragm closes smoothly and has 6 blades. This specimen has a beautiful pattern, pleasant bokeh, natural color rendition.
Lid included.

Manufacturer: Arsenal, Kiev
Year of issue: 1982
Lens mount: M42
Focal length:200
Aperture ratio: 4.5
Thread diameter: 58

Product condition:
Good condition! Lenses without scratches and fungus. There are some micro dust particles inside the lens, but the result is not affected in any way. The mechanics are working properly!
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