Zenitar-C MS 2.8 / 16 Lens KMZ 2019

Ultra-wide-angle compact lens Zenitar-C MC 2.8 / 16 Fish-eye.
The lens is very compact, lightweight and durable. In the best traditions of Soviet optics - glass and iron. This copy belongs to the diagonal fisheye lenses, gives a viewing angle of 180 degrees. The lens has a strong barrel distortion, which is a feature of the specimen. The picture takes on an unusual look, the lines along the edge of the frame bend strongly, opening up a flight for the photographer for compositions and interesting ideas. The photo shows excellent sharpness, the contrast is excellent. The lens tolerates back and side light well. Zenitar-C MC 2.8 / 16 provides unique creative possibilities for artistic photography.

Manufacturer: KMZ
Year of issue: 2019
Lens mount: Canon EOS
Focal length:16
Aperture ratio: 2.8
Thread diameter: 26.5

Product condition:
Excellent condition. The lenses are clear. The mechanics are fine. Scratch-free housing. Original packaging.
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