Adapter M42 - Leica-M

Made of aluminum and copper (not plastic)
The Amopofo lens adapter allows you to attach an M42 lens mount to a for a Leica M L / M mount camera. Also, for financial purposes, it allows your favorite lenses to be used on a variety of camera platforms, the lens adapter is designed to fit securely onto the lens, and can still be easily removed when not needed.
With this adapter ring, you can use Contarex lens mount lenses to attach to Leica M system cameras (MP, M9, M8, M7, M6, M5, etc.).
With this adapter, you can connect to the latest TECHART Lens Adapter LM-EA7 with Autofocus
It can be installed between the camera body and the lens without any tools. Does not replace or replace original lens or camera body parts.

Focusing infinity.
No connection to ROM on adapter.
The lens iris control is set manually.
Can be used with extension tubes and other accessories.
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