Filter set SQ, SN251 K&F Concept

• The ND1000 effectively prevents more than just light, interferes with the viewfinder, ensures the quality of the image, and can perform certain functions of protecting against dust and moisture, which is very convenient for shooting landscapes.
• Filter material is top-level optical glass with double-sided multilayer improved coating, which can effectively reduce the surface reflection of the filter. This greatly reduces flare caused by reflections on the outer line of the long exposure lens and provides first-class image quality.
• Square filter with soft gradient GND8, square size 100x150 mm, product weight 47.5 g, lens thickness 2 mm, applicable lens diameter 98 mm and below, luminous flux reduction - 3 gears (0.9), transmittance - 12, five%. The reflectance is 1.5%. GND8 square plate has excellent anti-reflective coating. The anti-glare rate at the same level in the industry is only 2%, and the plastic resin reaches 4.5%.
• Material of the holder of the system

Manufacturer: K&F Concept
Year of issue: 2021

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