4-in-1 cleaning kit K&F Concept

• Package includes : 1 * cleaning handle + 1 * blower + 6 * vacuum cleaner cleaning cloth + 1 * cleaning liquid
• Cleaning handle : Double ended handle: lens cleaner. Can be used to gently and neatly remove dust and dirt that has accumulated around the edges of lenses or in any small crevices. A safer alternative to using rags or lens cleaning tissues - charcoal cleaning the pen tip will remove fingerprints and grease without leaving lint or debris.
• Blower : For removing dust and dirt 1. Large black blower easily blows dust and debris from cameras, lenses and filters with a powerful blast of air. 2. Using the casting manufacturing process. Made of high quality environmentally friendly silica gel. Soft air nozzles will not damage precision instruments and strictly comply with EU ROHS standards. 3. One-way air intake and extra-large air volume design to prevent dust blower from inhaling and spreading to your equipment

Manufacturer: K&F Concept
Year of issue: 2021
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