RFK "Selena" No. 20008

"The registering camera RFK (code name" Selena ") is intended for use by the State Traffic Inspectorate of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs as a component stationary installed near the road and carried on the traffic police cars and is intended for photographic registration of vehicles.
The camera was a full-size (24x36mm) apparatus with an automatic exposure setting (the aperture setting was automatic, depending on the illumination conditions of the object and the film sensitivity). The device is equipped with an electric drive for rewinding the film and cocking the shutter, with the possibility of imprinting service information into the frame area. We used 35mm perforated film with a sensitivity of 130, 250 and 500 units. GOST. The nominal value of the effective shutter speed is 1/500 sec., The maximum shooting frequency is 2 frames per sec.
The shtano apparatus was supplied with two lenses: "Jupiter-38" 4/75, and "Jupiter-39" 5.6 / 135.

Manufacturer: BelOMO
Year of issue: 1970

Status description
Complete set, in a case, in excellent condition! The lenses are clean, free of scratches, mildew and chips. The mechanics are working.
The camera has not been tested. there are no visible defects on it.
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