Volna-9 MC 2.8 / 50 (USSR, 1990)

One of the best macro lenses of the times of the USSR - Volna-9 MC 2.8 / 50 in a conditionally new condition (without traces of use). Produced at the Lytkarino Optical Glass Plant in 1990. Thread - M42.
Because The lens is designed for macro photography; when calculating the optical scheme, special attention was paid to the correction of aberrations in the field in order to increase the contrast-frequency characteristics. Equipped with a very comfortable, wide focusing ring, the helicoid travel is almost 360 degrees. The lens aperture has 6 blades; at all values, the blades form a star-like hole. The front lens is recessed into the depth of the lens, so the body serves as a hood and a sealed front lens, side flares and mechanical damage are less dangerous. The specimen is sharp enough to hold back light well. Has a very smooth and soft blur. Volna-9 is an excellent Soviet macro lens.
Includes tube, front cover.

Manufacturer: LZOC
Year of issue: 1990
Lens mount: М42
Focal length: 50
Aperture ratio: 2.8
Thread diameter: 52

Product condition:

Excellent condition. The lenses are clean. The mechanics are working properly.
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