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Helios lens

The famous Soviet lens Helios 77m-4

The fast standard lens for cameras Zenith. Further development of the optical scheme Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 2/58 with increased light power 1.8 and focal lengths 50 mm. It was produced extremely briefly and by small series. It was produced at the Valdai plant "Jupiter" and at the Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant for the design development of KMZ until 1994.

Technical characteristics: 
Focal length - 52 mm.
The maximum open diaphragm is 1.8
Maximum closed diaphragm -16
The number of diaphragm petals is 6
The number of lenses/groups is 6/4
The minimum focusing distance is 0.45 m 
Attachment of nozzles - threaded m52 
Optics attachment - М42
Resolution center/edge 45/25 lines per mm 
Weight - 250 grams.

Ergonomics and design: 
Lens case metal, as well as everything inside. The MS Helios-77m-4 lens is smooth, with light viscosity, focused. The lubricant is durable and does not require replacement for many years, subject to normal storage. The course of the helicoid thread is more than decent, which contributes to accurate focusing. The diaphragm consists of six non-blackened but matte petals. During the operation of the lens, no illumination from the diaphragm is observed. The jumping diaphragm is designed simply and reliably, all mechanisms can work for a long period of time without maintenance.


Artistic qualities and examples of photos: 
The MS Helios-77M-4 50 mm f/1.8 lens has quite high optical characteristics, even by modern standards. Quite sharp and plastic on an open diaphragm. Good contrast especially after diaphragm 4. It has the effect of strong twisting of the non-sharpness zone, high contrast, and sharpness on the open diaphragm. Counter and sidelight do not hold well despite multi-light. It is recommended to use the blender. The saturation of flowers is impressive not tempted by expensive lenses of man. The color reproduction at a decent level. Landscape made, with normal lighting does not need strong post-processing.


To sum up, it can be said that Helios-77M-4 is really one of the most perfect Soviet lenses. It competes on an equal footing with the German and Japanese counterparts of its time. In addition, the lens characteristically twists the background in the side zone, gives a plastic volume picture. Plus everything is well assembled and convenient to manage.
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