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Helios lens

Brief photo review of the FED camera No. 330013

About five years ago, in one of the first reviews, I once said that I was not very interested in mechanical FEDs. Oh well….

Now only the Zeniths can compete with the FED grouping in my collection. How does it happen???

So today we have a brief photo review of the next FED. The device of the first model with the number 330013. According to the classification, this is FED-1 (F) PE0305.

We are moving in reverse chronology and for comparison I have a model with the number 471049 type FED-1 (G) PE0315.

FED-1 (F) PE0305
Model PE0305 was produced around 1952 in the range of numbers 285,000 - 410,000. The model is quite massive.

Let's compare devices.

There are very few differences. The only thing worth paying attention to here is the inscription “Plant named after FE Dzerzhinsky”. In the later model, this inscription has already disappeared.

Such an inscription, together with a rounded post-war emblem, is the main difference between this modification of the device. For those who want to collect the main modifications of the first FED, this is useful to know.

Below are some larger photos.
That's all I have

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