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Helios lens

German quality - Pentacon auto 4/200 MC

Long focal length prime lens for 35mm SLR cameras, with M42 mounting thread. An almost complete analogue of the previously produced Meyer-Optik Görlitz Orestegor 200 mm f / 4.

Ergonomics and design:
The lens is weighty, all made of metal and glass, and has a very good build (according to most, the workmanship is better than that of Soviet counterparts). The focusing ring rotates 360 degrees, the movement of the ring is smooth. When focusing, the trunk of the lens is noticeably lengthened, while the front lens does not rotate.

The highlight of the lens is the 15-blade diaphragm, although it forms not quite even circles in the out-of-focus area. The aperture is smoothly adjustable from F / 4 to F / 22.

Also, the copy has the function of resetting the aperture - for its implementation, you need to pull the aperture ring towards the front lens and set the desired value, and then release the ring into place.

Artistic features and photo examples:
In practice, it shows decent sharpness, pleasant color rendition and beautiful soft bokeh. The lens does not give glare in the backlight, although the contrast is slightly lost and a veil appears in the pictures. The combination of such a focal length and aperture ratio makes it easy to achieve an emphasis on the subject by controlling depth of field and squeezed perspective. In general, it draws a beautiful and contrasting picture, the resolution is excellent. The lens is very pleasant to work with.

The Pentacon 4/200 MC is definitely a very interesting piece with excellent build quality. This lens can also be perfectly used on cropped cameras, for hunting animals and birds. The output is a beautiful picture with excellent sharpness and color reproduction!

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