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7 creative portrait photography ideas

Inspiration is fickle, but mastery blesses those who practice. Here you will find 7 creative challenges for portrait photographers who need to take pictures, but lack motivation or new ideas. The embodiment of at least one of these ideas will help rekindle the lost inspiration through which every artist passes. 

The best part is that you do not need to have any kind of supernatural props or exotic locations to complete these seven tasks.

1. Create a portrait based on children's creativity
We are looking for inspiration from our colleagues, but creating a new job based on children's creativity will challenge your perspective and allow you to break the rules. For extra points, do not ask your child to explain his drawing before you start shooting. Only after I make the portrait, I learn that the child painted a jar, not a person! This exercise will remind you how differently each of us understands art.

2. To create an image, limit yourself to household items
This exercise will make you eliminate all the excuses not to take pictures. Even if you have not provided for the cost of consciousness of the costume, you can still create a bizarre portrait. Transforming aluminum foil, mesh or thick paper can lead to a creative breakthrough and get away from the daily photography you're used to.
3. Create a portrait using haiku poetry
Haiku, poetry, songs and other non-visual art allows you to come up with images. If you want to create a portrait and do not know where to start thematically, then this is a great exercise. You do not need to feel as if you should open a source of inspiration (for this purpose I have compiled this list). Haiku and poetry are a tool to help you get started on a new, original project.
4. Creatively demonstrate other people's interests
Do not think about yourself and demonstrate the hobby of another person using photography. My model was a landscape designer and a lover of succulents, so we experimented in her portrait with a crown of succulents. As an alternative, photograph someone in their familiar environment.

5. Create an event
Do not wait for the opportunity to photograph something special. You do not need to find a bride to make a wedding portrait. There is no law that states that a model must actually get married. Your roommate should not be a member of the group to make a portrait of a musician, and children should not be brothers to make a "family portrait".
Some props and a few friends are all you need to play this game, and in this way you will be ready for real events.
6. Change style with a familiar photographer
The upper image was made by Alexandria Huff in the style of Sohal Mamdani. The bottom image is made by Sokhal Mamdani in the style of Alexandria Huff. 

This is the most difficult exercise of all, because it will force you to leave your comfort zone. Take pictures in a different style from yours, and then you will better know your style, plus you will see how others interpret your work. I prefer to shoot in a low key in color, while my colleague Sohal Mamdani photographs exactly the opposite. Changing styles, we test ourselves.
7. Let your model choose the direction
If you are familiar with a sociable person, then this is a great way to pacify yourself, recognizing that you do not always know what is best for shooting. Initially, I planned for this boy to pose in a cute sweater and with a smile, but then gave him the right to choose clothes and the tone of the picture. The result is a more fun and personal portrait of a child. By letting the other person control, you get the opportunity to enjoy the journey.

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