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The main applicants for the Sony World Photography Awards 2018

The jury of the famous Sony World Photography Awards named applicants for the title of the best in 2018. Among the selected photographs are works of a wide variety of subjects - from travel and architecture to portraits and subject photographs about modern society. And each of these pictures is undoubtedly a real masterpiece.

“A delightful look”
Photo by: Wibke Haas, Germany.

“Monument in one of the cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina”
Photo by: Anastasia Ryakovskaya, Russian Federation.

"Egg and flour battle"
Photo by Antonio Gibotte, Italy.

Photo by Lin Chen, China.

"Tubular Cloud in Bolton, Kansas"
Photo by: Mitch Dobruer, USA

Photo by Korentin Folen, France.

"Italian team"
Photo by: Adam Pritti, Australia.

"Perfect styling"
Photo by: Wibke Haas, Germany.

Yemen: Victims of War 2011
Photo by Gilles Clarke, United Kingdom.

"Cenota on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico"
Written by James Monnington, UK.

“Ballet Class at Nairobi School”
Photo by: Fredrik Lernerid, Sweden.

"Panorama of the glacial river in Iceland"
Photo by: Manisha Mamtani, India.

"Black and white"
Photo by Valentina Morrone, Italy.

"Before sunrise"
Photo by: Joseph Anthony, UK.

“Smoke and mirrors”
Photo by Lucy Goodale, UK.

"White angel"
Photo by Pavlo Nera, Ukraine.

"Fish wave"
Photo by: Eric Madeja, Switzerland.

Photo by Sufakaln Wongkompun, Thailand.

"Sunset. Double exposure
Photo by: Polly Cornell, UK.

"Red fox"
Photo by: Corey Arnold, California.

Photo by: James Monnington, USA

Posted by Nigel Hodson, UK

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