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Photo rangefinder DF (MMZ) review

The DF rangefinder is a copy of the Smena rangefinder from GOMZ produced at MMZ.

In 1957-58, the newly created Minsk Mechanical Plant named after S.I. Vavilov began to produce photographic products.

Production debugging was carried out with the active participation of representatives of the State Optical and Mechanical Plant (GOMZ). At first, MMZ products were based on the GOMZ range.

So at MMZ, modifications (not complete copies) of Smena cameras were produced under the names Smena-M and Smena-2m.

A less well-known fact is that in parallel with these cameras, the DF rangefinder was also produced at MMZ.

Minsk dwellers did not begin to be creative with the name. DF is for sure the "Photographic Rangefinder".

This device is quite rare. The years of release and volumes are unknown to me.

Smena cameras were produced at MMZ from 1957-1961.

The rangefinder would still be useful for the Spring (1962-64) scaler of its own design by MMZ, but with the Spring DF it is not very convenient to use it. The rangefinder is designed for the extreme right-hand position of the accessory bracket.

Therefore, it is likely that the release of DF is limited by the 1957-1961 interval.

Rangefinder DF
The body of the device is metal with a rough black coating. The construction and design are completely similar to the Smena rangefinder from GOMZ. The only differences are in the name and logo of the company.

Rangefinder weight 72 grams.

The device was delivered in a detachable plastic box. Here is the difference from the Leningrad Smena, which had a leather case.

The camera strap is threaded through the ears in both parts of the box and the box is opened by sliding one of the parts along the strap. This principle was used by the later Blik rangefinder. As a real user of the Blik rangefinder, I will say that this storage option is inconvenient and unreliable.

On top of the device there is a bracket made of light metal, under which a large wheel with high-quality lateral knurling is almost hidden on the right.

On the front of this wheel, there is a distance scale. The numbers on the scale are large, they read perfectly. The minimum mark on the scale is 1 meter.

In front of the rangefinder, of course, there are 2 windows, both are quite large, rectangular, in light metal frames.

At the back there is a small round peephole, also framed.

Below is a T-shaped leg for fixing the rangefinder in the camera accessory bracket.

The picture in the DF viewfinder is tinted and not very large. Comparable, for example, with the FED-5 viewfinder.

The rangefinder spot is quite large. Larger than average in built-in rangefinders. It is rectangular, light.

The double image is clearly visible, it is convenient to use the PD.

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