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Soviet zoom lens Granit-11 4.5 / 80-200mm!

Granite-11 4,5 / 80-200 - Soviet telezoom for 35 mm cameras with a constant aperture. Has a multiplicity of x2.5. It has been produced since 1978 at the KMZ and Arsenal plants. This is one of the few Soviet zoom lenses, there were so few that you can count on your fingers.

This review presents the very first version of this lens, under the M42 system. Marking is still without letters at the end. Later, lenses for the M42 system began to be labeled Granit-11M 4,5 / 80-200, there is also a version for the N mount - Granit-11N 4,5 / 80-200. Later versions have multi-enlightenment and are marked in front of the name with the letters "MS". In the 90s, the Arsenal factory produced this lens under the name MC ZOOM ARSAT 80-200mm 1: 4.5 with the letters M and H, respectively.

Focal length - 80-200 mm.
The maximum aperture is 4.5.
The minimum aperture is 22.
The number of aperture blades is 6.
The number of lenses / groups is 11/9.
The minimum focusing distance is 1.5 m.
Light transmission - 0.8.
The working segment is 44 mm.
Attachment attachment - threaded m58.
Optics mount - M42.
Weight - 950 g.

Ergonomics and design:
The lens is well assembled, in a metal frame and sits well on the camera. Weight 950 g allows you to shoot at slow shutter speeds up to 1/60 at the long end. There are two rings on the rim, and what's wider is the focus ring. The narrower one is the zoom ring, it rotates 90 degrees. When zooming, the lens does not change its size. It's nice.

Focusing is smooth. The focus ring rotates 270 degrees, while the front of the lens extends 2 cm. When focusing, the front lens rotates. The diaphragm closes smoothly and has 6 blades. The first versions of the lens still lack a mechanism for automatically presetting the diaphragm (jump). Instead, there is an interesting mechanism, somewhat similar to that of Jupiter-21A. Set the desired aperture value with the ring, then close with your hands to the set value with the lever located next to the ring.

The lens has an integrated retractable lens hood that extends 2 cm.

Art features and photo examples:
In practice, this lens shows good sharpness (sharpness is well suited for shooting female portraits - it does not emphasize skin flaws). Also, the lens has a nice soft picture - despite the fact that the Granite 11 zoom lens, its bokeh is very soft and beautiful. At the long end, when shooting chest portraits, the f / 4.5 aperture is enough to separate the subject from the background. Photos are voluminous and airy.

The lens has a good contrast. Colors are natural. In sunlight, the colors are bright, saturated. As befits a Soviet lens, it does not tolerate backlight. Lateral transfers until the hood helps. Flare is afraid.

Granite-11 4.5 / 80-200 is a great zoom lens for its time. It has a beautiful pattern, pleasant bokeh and natural color reproduction. Suitable for creative ideas and for shooting portraits.

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