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Helios lens

Review of the Soviet lens MS Helios-44m-6

The fast standard lens for cameras Zenith with threaded attachment m-42. The representative of the penultimate version of Helios-44, optical diagram Planar. At the heart of all Helios-44 is the legendary Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 58/2. It was produced from 89th to 93th (approximately) and meets more often of other MS versions.

Technical characteristics:
The focal length is 58 mm
The maximum diaphragm is 2.0.
The minimum diaphragm is 16.
The number of diaphragm petals is 6.
The number of lenses/groups is 6/4.
Minimum focusing distance - 0.5 m.
Center/edge resolution - 45/25 lines per mm.
Light transmission - 0.90.
Working section - 45.5 mm.
Fastening of nozzles - threaded m52.
Optics attachment - М42.


Construct and ergonomics:

MS Helios-44M-6 has large dimensions and not small weight as for light power 2.0. Although in this case, the size of the lens has a positive impact on ergonomics, there is something to take up. The lens has a modern, classic control layout for many. The focus ring is metallic and has rifling; the course of the helicoid is soft and smooth. The non-complete turnover is approximately 210. The diaphragm ring is located in the lens tail, switched by steps and accompanied by clicks.

Like all Soviet photographic optics, MS Helios-44M-6 consists of glass and metal. From the point of view of mechanics, nothing can break here; the actuator of the diaphragm pusher can serve for a very long time. In terms of optics not everything is so rosy, on the shading of internal elements saved, it is the trouble of all Helios-44M-X. Namely, the rear and front lenses have no blackening of the ends, which negatively affects the contrast.

The MC Helios-44m-6 lens has a jumping diaphragm system, where the letter «M» in the name means blinking, which is compatible with threaded cameras Zenith (EM, TTL, 12Sd, 122, 312,412), Praktica and the like.

The diaphragm itself consists of six diaphragm petals, naked but matte metal. Editing - not all MS Helios-44m-6 have the same diaphragm, at later (about 93 years) - the diaphragm has matte dusting. On the covered values the diaphragm tabs form a hexagonal hole and in the consequence of which in the zone of non-sharpness, read in "Boka", so-called nuts appear.

One of the main positive features of this Helios is the presence of MS - multilayer enlightenment. It makes notable positive changes in contrast and color rendition. Excellent light transmission coefficient - 0.90. The multi-layer Helios-44m-6 layer is markedly better against the lock light than single-layer illumination Helios such as Helios-44M. Better – it doesn’t excellent or very good; everything is good until a bright light source appears in the frame and then all indicators of the lens fall significantly. The same contrast and color rendering becomes bleak and not particularly distinct. Again, it's the trouble of no blackening, including the ends of two lenses...

Threaded attachment of М42 optics allows installing MS Helios-44M-6 with the help of a transition ring on Mirror cameras Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olumpys with preservation of infinity.


Art qualities:
MS Helios-44M-6 is good as a portrait lens; the small depth of sharpness on diaphragm 2.0 allows forming a volume picture with twisted "Boke." Twisting of a zone of unharness in the general business cards of all Geliosov (Gelios-40, MS Helios-77M-4, Gelios-44).

Contrast and color rendering are not bad, but MS Helios pulls out little contrasting or one-tone planes. If you do not to carp, the picture pleases the eye. To ensure that the result is stable and there is no sharp difference or total drop, in contrast, it is recommended to use blend (the special nozzle on the lens).

What is typical of MS Helios-44m-X lenses is the absence of chromatic aberrations - "HA."




MS Helios-44m-6 interesting lens speed with characteristic Boke. The lens is contrasted and sharp from the open diaphragm, but as the sun gets into the frame, these parameters fall markedly. The lens has a universal m42 attachment; with the help of a transition ring it is possible to use the lens without restrictions on all digital mirror cameras.

Equally important, MS Helios-44m-6 is much cheaper than the latest version of MS Helios-44M-7, the price difference varies between 30-40%. And the difference in characteristics between them is not significant. Namely, in terms of resolution with the naked eye, it is impossible to distinguish the "six" from the "seven." The reasonable choice among MS Helios-44.

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