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Fast telephoto lens Tair-3 4.5 / 300mm

Tair-3 (export version Tair-3) is a telephoto prime lens for 35 mm SLR cameras with m39, m42 connecting threads. Perhaps this is the only telephoto lens with such aperture and focal length, which has been produced for half a century, with practically no changes in the optical scheme.

Produced from the mid-1950s to 2005 at the plants KMZ (Krasnogorsk plant named after Zverev) and ZOMZ (Zagorsk optical-mechanical plant) and KOMZ (Kazan optical-mechanical plant).

In 1958, Tair-3 was awarded the Grand-Prix at the World Exhibition in Brussels as one of the sharpest telephoto lenses. With such a modest optical design, only 3 lenses in 3 groups and aperture ratio of 1: 4.5 at 300 mm focal length, even now it surprises with its sharpness.

The focal length is 300 mm.
The maximum aperture is 4.5.
The minimum aperture is 22.
The number of aperture blades is 16.
Number of lenses / groups - 3/3.
The minimum focusing distance is 3 m.
Resolution center / edge - 36/30 lines per mm.
Light transmission - 0.80.
Weight - 1340 g.
Attachment attachments - threaded m72.
Optics mount - M39.

Ergonomics and design:
Outwardly, the lens is large and looks gigantic on the camera. It is somewhat reminiscent of a telescope. But despite its weight of almost one and a half kilograms, it has a good balance, and it is convenient for them to shoot. Great severity is not felt, but on the contrary, its weight allows you to reduce the shake. The main weight falls on the edge of the lens, where the lenses are located. And the half that is closer to the camera is an empty tube with an internal hood to reduce flare.

The lens barrel is made of metal, and the design is somewhat military-like, as if the lens was constructed for military purposes. The aperture and focus rings are not rubberized. There is a 72 mm filter thread on the front.

Next is the narrow aperture control ring. The diaphragm closes smoothly. 16 petals create even circles in the out-of-focus area. Surprisingly, the petals have blackening, which does honor to KMZ, not all lenses of those years have blackened aperture blades. The lens does not have automatic aperture presetting, only manual.

The focusing ring is located a short distance from the aperture ring. It rotates 270 degrees. In this case, the front part of the lens extends by 3.5 cm. Focusing is smooth. The front lens rotates. In general, focusing is convenient.

Artistic features and photo examples:
The lens has good sharpness characteristics. The best sharpness occurs at a distance of 30-40 meters. At an open aperture, slight chromatic aberrations are observed in certain scenes. The lens at such a focal length and aperture separates the subject well from the background; when shooting portraits, it blurs the background well. The bokeh is very pleasant and soft. The lens is great for landscapes and distant subjects.

Tair-3 4.5 / 300 is a very interesting Soviet telephoto lens, interesting primarily for its aperture and sharpness. The aperture of f / 4.5 allows you to shoot in cloudy weather and even night landscapes and astrophotography. Cope with a variety of photo tasks.

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