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Helios lens

DSLR camera Zenit-B

The Zenit-V camera is a simplified version of Zenit-E, the simplification itself concerned a remote selenium exposure meter. The rest of the cameras Zenit-V and Zenit-E are identical. Like Zenit-E, modification "B" had a transitional version with an M39 threaded mount (until about 1970).

   Price     Industar-50-2     Helios-44-2
Zenit-B          67                     90
Zenit-E           77                   100


  • SLR camera 35 mm.
  • Mirror of constant sight.
  • Selenium exposure meter - missing.
  • Cloth shutter curtain-sheath.
  • Excerpts 500-250-125-60-30X- "V" -D.
  • Viewfinder covers 64% of the frame, clear.
  • Self-timer.
  • The lens mount is threaded M42. (first issues from m39).
  • Standard lens Helios-44-2 or Industar 50-2.
  • Synchro. contact. Produced at KMZ.

Ergonomics and design:

Zenith-B is an outrageously simple brick. Ergonomics for a big fan, the camera fits in the hands, but the angular shape of the body is not as comfortable as that of Zenit cameras previously produced (Zenit. Zenit-S, Zenit-3) while Zenit-V is much larger and heavier than Zenit-3M.

The hammer is cocked with little effort, but the stroke is quite smooth.The location of the shutter button is uncomfortable, at least this is not the place for her.

To change the shutter speed, you need to perform a series of actions, first pull the shutter speed head up and then turn it to the desired value. That is, you cannot change the shutter speed with one quick and easy movement.

The Zenit-V viewfinder, in terms of a number of technical characteristics, generally repeats the Zenit-3 (m) viewfinder. They both represent 64% of the frame area.

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