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Helios lens

Soviet high-aperture lens Helios MC 44m-7

Standard lens for small format SLR cameras. High-aperture six-lens anastigmat. Multilayer enlightenment. Differs in the exact coincidence of the visual and photographic planes of the image. Based on Biotar 2/58 lens (Carl Zeiss Jena). Produced at the Valdai plant "Jupiter".

The MC Helios-44M-7 2/58 is the sharpest specimen of any Helios 2/58 lens. Its resolution is 50 lines / mm at the center and 30 lines / mm at the edges of the image.


  • The focal length is 58 mm.
  • The maximum open aperture is 2.0.
  • Maximum closed aperture -16.
  • The number of aperture blades is 6.
  • The number of lenses / groups is 6/4.
  • The minimum focusing distance is 0.5 m.
  • Attachment attachments - threaded m52.
  • Optics mount - M42.
  • Resolution center / edge 50/30 lines per mm.
  • Weight - 270 grams

Ergonomics and benefits:

Helios MC 44m-7, like its predecessors, is made in a durable metal case and rather convenient compact dimensions. Carrying it with you to shoot in addition to other lenses is easy.

The focusing of the lens is smooth, the focusing ring is metal. When focusing, the front lens does not rotate, and the lens trunk extends 1 cm. The focus ring rotates approximately 220 degrees. The minimum focusing distance is 50 cm. The aperture ring can be fixed at F2.0 to F16. The number of diaphragm blades is 6 pieces. The lens also has a blinking aperture device.

Artistic features and photo examples:

A characteristic highlight of the lens is the twist of the bokeh. Many people like the 'twisted' bokeh. The soft air pattern of Helios 44m-7 will not leave anyone indifferent, especially when used on open diaphragms. Also, amateur photographers will be able to please the sharpness of the lens. In general, the technical characteristics are enough to create stunning portraits.


Helios MC 44m-7 is an excellent sharp lens. On modern digital cameras, it can serve as an excellent portrait lens as well as a lens for creative photography. Helios gives an interesting 'twisted bokeh' effect and adds airiness and fabulousness to everyday photos.

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