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Brief photo review of the FED camera No. 534136

Today I begin a series of brief reviews of FED devices of the first model. Let me remind you that I do brief reviews if the site already has a standard review for this model, but I would like to show you an instance that has some visual differences.

I plan (without claiming to be 100% complete, of course) to go through the main modifications of the FED-1 and tell you how those other changes correlate with the numbers and years of issue.

The review of the FED apparatus was one of the very first on my site. The model presented in that review was probably purchased in the top ten during the period when I was just starting to collect Soviet cameras. This is the early 2000s.

Of course, I didn’t really understand anything there, and the device didn’t even have a native lens. He is seen on the left in this photo.

Nevertheless, this is the foundation of the collection and I do not plan to change anything.

That model with the number 471049 according to the classification belongs to the FED-1 (G) PE0315 type, is located in the range of numbers 410,000 - 515,000 and was most likely released in 1953.

From it we will repel.

I usually try to talk about modifications in reverse chronological order, but there is one more recent modification and we will start with it.

FED-1(G) PE0320
This copy has the number 534136.

The model was produced, most likely, in 1954-1955 and is in the range of numbers 515,000 - 720,000.

This is the latest modification of the first model. In 1955, the FED-1 was discontinued.

My copy is fairly early in the range and this suggests a production year of 1954.

Actually, there is only one difference between cameras - in a later model, the number from the top panel moved to the back. Otherwise they are identical.

Below are some larger photos.

That's all I have

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