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JAY MAISEL is one of the world's leading street photographers. Among professionals, he enjoys the fame of a leading specialist in the use of color and lighting. The photographer’s unique ability to work with the finest transitions of colors, to reveal the potential of gestures and poses brought him success. This is one of the most "prolific" American authors, who has been shooting for covers of famous magazines and music albums, commercial campaigns, as well as for self-realization for about 50 years. 

Maisel is the winner of awards from the American Society of Photographers for the Media, the International Center for Photography and other influential organizations. His portfolio includes photos of Marilyn Monroe and a photo for Miles Davis's Kind of Blue album (this is the best-selling jazz album on the planet). The photographer worked with Sports Illustrated (made five covers for the magazine), New York Magazine, United Technologies Corporations, Inmont, and many other world-famous customers.
Jay Maisel is known as one of the creators of the street photo genre, and he shoots a lot on the streets of his beloved New York and other cities. He has an incredibly recognizable handwriting - he, like a magician, fills the frame with bright colors or slightly noticeable color transitions. The crimson orange sky and the scorching yellow sun from air conditioning ads, the scarlet hood from car paint, the neon blue walls of the clubs and the gentle pink sunrise in the fog - Maisel's photographs probably cover all possible palettes. He also loves black and white shots, which he succeeds very well. This is not surprising, because in photography the author came from the world of architecture, calligraphy and graphic design, which he studied in his youth.
The perception of color by Jay Maisel is noted by all his teachers and colleagues - as well as the ability of the photographer. He takes about a hundred shots a day, trying to capture as many as possible, and seeks beauty in thousands of places. In each picture, the author’s emancipation, lack of strict creative frameworks and neglect of stereotypes and limitations are visible. It almost never uses computer or laboratory post-processing. The author’s philosophy is meticulous selection and patient expectation of the “same” frame, rather than software manipulation.
The photographer shoots mainly on digital cameras and tries not to use flash. In the process of work, Maisel maximally implements the possibilities of natural lighting, movement in the frame. At the very beginning of his career, he had no idea how to use the light and shot exclusively on the street, but he constantly enriched the “professional tools”. When Maisel, already a recognized master of fantastic lighting effects, was asked how he can do without filters and polarizers, he replied that he was just waiting for a better moment - and it worked.
Today, Maisel lives in the historical district of Brooklyn, continues to shoot and teach - he recently returned to black and white photography, which he was fond of in his youth. He put his archives in order and published the monograph “New York in the 50s”, a beautifully designed work valuable from the historical and cultural perspectives. Jay Maisel does not run out of ideas and he continues to delight fans of his talent and everyone who loves the art of photography.

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