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Helios lens

Soviet wide-angle lens Mir-1V 2.8 / 37mm

Interchangeable wide-angle fast lens with a fixed focal length of 37mm and aperture 2.8 (37 / 2.8). The optical circuit is borrowed from the German company Carl Zeiss (Jena DDR) - the name Flektogon. Mir-1V is an improved version of the Mir-1 lens, which was developed back in the late 50s. Mir-1V was made in Vologda, the defense enterprise of VOMZ, where the V index is Vologda.

Focal Length: 37mm
Max. Aperture: 2.8
Min aperture: 28
Aperture blades: 10 pcs
Minimum focusing distance: 0.7 m
Viewing angle: 60 degrees in full frame.
Number of lenses / groups: 6/5.
Resolution: 45/23 lines per mm.
Lens weight: 185 gr.

Ergonomics and design:
The lens has a fairly small size and weight. Its weight is 185 grams significantly less than the same Helios-44M (290 grams). Initially, it was intended, first of all, as an interchangeable lens for single-lens reflex film film cameras Zenith and others with a similar mount. The copy is made of metal and glass, it has a minimum of plastic parts. This indicates its reliability and durability.

A diaphragm preset ring is located on the front. It has a discrete stroke from 2.8 to 16. In the middle is the diaphragm installation ring itself - it is quite wide and comfortable. Rotates easily. The last is the focusing ring with distance marking in meters. It also rotates quite easily, the rotation angle of about 270 degrees. On both sides of the mark, a depth of field scale is also plotted for different apertures.

Ten aperture blades for which this lens is valued allow it to form a circle of good smooth shape over the entire range of aperture values.

Art features and photo examples: When installed on popular cropped mirrors, the effective focal length of the lens is 37 * 1.5 = 55 mm. That is, such a lens is ideal as a regular lens.

The lens really gives a fairly sharp picture. At the same time, the "bulk" image is well preserved. One of the advantages of the lens is its beautiful bokeh. It has a neutral color reproduction and good contrast, the picture is pleasant to the eye. Mir-1V 2.8 / 37 is afraid of backlight. Distortions, as well as vignetting, are not observed.

The lens has good characteristics. May be an alternative to fixed autofocus lenses for use on cropped modern digital SLRs. The world 1B produces a rather sharp picture, while the "bulk" image is well preserved. Cope with different photo tasks.

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