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Helios lens

Jupiter-8NB 2/50 review

Standard lens with coated optics for Kiev-5 rangefinder cameras.

In general, the Jupiter-8 scheme was used in standard lenses for many Soviet rangefinder cameras. The eighth Jupiter is a good and fairly fast lens.
Variants of Jupiter-8 with M39 thread and Contax-Kiev bayonet were produced.

The classic Jupiter-8 for the Kiev device is designed for an internal bayonet. If you are not very familiar with the features of the Contax-Kiev mount, with its internal and external lens mounts, then I recommend this article. Everything is described in detail there.

So, the classic standard Jupiter-8 for the Kiev device is designed for an internal bayonet. However, in 1968 Arsenal released the Kiev-5 camera and abandoned the internal mount, leaving only the external one.

Because of this, a new standard lens had to be made for Kiev-5. It was the same Jupiter-8, but in a new body with an external mount and a focusing ring, naturally. The lens was named Jupiter-8NB. The letters "NB" in the title mean "Outdoor Bayonet".

On the left is the classic Jupiter-8 for the rangefinder Kiev, on the right is Jupiter-8NB. It can be seen that the lens came out much larger.

A little later, Arsenal replaced the staff for the Kiev-5 with a slightly faster Helios-94 1.8 / 50. In the photo he is on the right.
The review presents a copy of Jupiter-8NB in excellent condition manufactured in 1969 under the number 690055.

Optical design:

Focal length: 50mm
Field of view: 45 °
Frame size: 24 × 36 mm
Number of lenses / groups: 6/3
Working distance - 34.85 mm

Aperture ratio: 1: 2
Aperture scale limits: 1: 2–1: 22
Aperture blades - 6
Aperture adjustment - with fixed positions.
Aperture preset - none

Near focusing limit - 0.9 m

lens with camera - external mount Contax-Kiev
Filter Mount Location: Front

Resolution according to TU (center / edge): 32/18 lines / mm

Weight - 187 g

The lens is not very large. It is released in a black case for the Kiev-5 design. Replaceable Jupiter-9 and Jupiter-12 of those years were also produced in beautiful black lacquer cases.

The lens is coated with a single layer of bright violet hue.

The ring closest to the camera switches the aperture. There are 6 petals, they are not black, but they are well matted.

The focusing ring is set at a comfortable distance and has a comfortable knurling.

On the shiny base of the lens, the latch-catch of the external mount Contax-Kiev is clearly visible.

Jupiter-8NB is a rather rare lens. He approached only the Kiev-5 vehicles, which were produced only a few tens of thousands of pieces. And most of these devices, according to my feelings, were completed with Helios-94.

It is important to know the following about Jupiter-8NB compatibility. The external mount on the Kiev-5 is identical to that installed on the earlier models. Therefore, removable optics for an external bayonet from Kiev-2, -3, - 4 devices normally fits Kiev-5.

But Jupiter-8NB, although it is designed for the same external mount, is not compatible with any device except Kiev-5. The design of the lens is such that it does not accommodate the latch of the internal mount of the earlier device. The lens will not be worn.
At the same time, it is not easy to find a workable Kiev-5 now. So, in general, there is nothing to shoot through Jupiter-8NB in most cases. Therefore, although the lens is rare, there is no excitement around it.

Whether Jupiter-8NB is put on modern adapters - I don't know. If you tried, share your experience, please.

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