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Helios lens

Fast lens Helios 44 2/58 13 petals

Helios 44 2/58 - manual Soviet lens, created on the basis of the documentation of Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 2/58, exported from Germany for reparations. Since after the war equipment, documentation, components, and experts were exported from Germany. The optical design was calculated at the GOI in 1951.

Production: KMZ or BelOMO.
Focal length 58mm.
Maximum open aperture 2.0.
Closed 16.
The diaphragm is blackened - has 13 petals.
Mount optics threaded M39.
Single layer enlightenment.
The body is metal.
The working segment is 45.2.
resolution center / edge 35/14 lines per mm.
minimum focusing distance 0.5m.
Angle of view 40 ° 28 ′.

Ergonomics and design:
The lens case is made of aluminum and has been varnished. The quality of workmanship and fitting of parts does not cause any complaints either from KMZ or from the MMZ (BelOMO) version. Inside, everything is covered with matte paint. The diaphragm is blackened. Changing the aperture value occurs smoothly without steps and intermediate values. But there is a separate aperture preset ring. It allows you to set in advance restrictions for closing the diaphragm. The diaphragm consists of 13 blackened petals. At any value, the petals form an almost perfect circle.


Art features and photo examples:
The lens is quite sharp, skin flaws does not emphasize. The contrast is good, but like all Helios, when the rays hit a bright light source, the contrast decreases. Significantly changes the position of the hood. Due to the presence of a 13-blade aperture, it draws a very beautiful artistic bokeh, with a slight twist. Photos with this instance are very saturated and lively. For a portrait of a leisurely shooting Helios-44 is just right.


White Helios-44 is a high-quality high-aperture lens capable of forming a beautiful three-dimensional image. Like any Helios spins bokeh, but not every Helios has thirteen aperture blades. And it’s well assembled and there’s nothing to break in it, the blackening of the internal elements is excellent. This amateurs will appeal to those amateur photographers who are simply fed up with not expressive picture of whale optics. Those who are looking for something new for little money and just those who love experimentation. All lovers of art portraits with cool bokeh will like it.

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