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Brief photo review of the FED-2 camera No. 023047

Another brief photo review of an early modification of the FED-2 camera. Are you tired yet? So you are a real collector! Only these strange people are interested in finding differences between the same, in principle, cameras ...

So, last time there was a model, it seems, and early, and quite rare, but not very popular.

Today - a slightly earlier version, although of the same year of manufacture. It will be a FED-2 "with a rewind switch lever", and this is already a popular item in collections.

I'm talking about the FED-2 (A) PE0360 modification according to the classification.

FED-2 (A) PE0360
This copy has the number 023047.

We will compare this camera with a later modification PE0365, for which I already have a brief review.

Model PE0360 was produced in 1955-1956 and is in the range of numbers from 4,500-27,000. The volume of issue is about 22 thousand copies.

The device is considered rare.

I know for sure the specific year of release of my copy, because. I have his passport. The device passed the Quality Control Department in July 1956.

So let's compare the two models.

What is called, find 10 differences .... In front of them, in general, and no.

The difference is visible from behind. PE0360 (he is higher in the photo) has not a sleeve around the release button, but a lever.

The lever, most likely, was made at first by analogy with the FED-1, in which the rewind shutter is also turned off by the lever, only it is located in a different place - in front of the shutter button.

In the same 1956, the lever was replaced with a rotary sleeve, which is quite logical. This is how the PE0365 model, which we reviewed last time, turned out.

The lens of my copy is a folding FED 3.5 / 50 with the number 151970.

With this, we almost finish our brief review of the model range within the FED-2 brand. I have only one copy left to show you, a little earlier. And who's to say what its distinguishing feature will be?

Below are some larger photos.

I also have the original instructions for this device, which is also a rarity. Moreover, this instruction remained unchanged just from an even earlier modification.

That's all I have

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