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Brief photo review of Zorkiy-S festival

I have an interesting copy of Zorkiy-S green. I want to show it to you.

Just recently I had a review of a typical 1956 Zorki-S with a classic black vulcanite finish. It was a device with the number 56066613 according to PM1525 classification.

Now we are most likely considering the so-called festival Zorkiy-S.

On July 28, 1957, the VI World Festival of Youth and Students opened in Moscow. On this occasion, the country's photo enterprises released optional limited series cameras.

Zorkiy-S is one of the cameras that had festival options.

It is very interesting that there were several festival attributes, but it is not necessary that they all converge in one apparatus.

Firstly, the device could be sold in a beautiful specially designed box. For example, like this. Photo from But as I understood, looking through the sources, the box could be ordinary.

Secondly, the word "Festival" could be engraved on the back wall. Photo from And it might not have been.

Thirdly, the body of the device could be covered not with classic black vulcanite, but with ribbed nylon, at least two colors - green and light gray. It's very unusual and really makes the festival machines stand out well, but it's also optional.

Photo of light pasting from Green - in the review.

It is interesting that the hero of the review has the number of 1956, therefore, it was released thoroughly before the festival. The enterprise could prepare a warehouse stock of products or simply master the technology.

At the same time, there is no “Festival” inscription on the device.

The box in which I got Zorkiy does not carry festival paraphernalia, but it also does not have a phone number on it. Maybe the box is not original.

This device (PM1540 according to classification, No. 56047763) does not differ in anything except for pasting. Nevertheless, its appearance is very pleasant and it is worth looking at it in more detail.

There will be some larger photos below.


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