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Helios lens

Brief photo-review of the Zorki / Zorki camera No. 93663

Today we have an interesting device as a guest - a rather early version of the Zorki / Zorki.

Cameras with these double names are the usual first Vigilants. But they were produced as intended for export.

Perhaps some higher quality workmanship and customization was envisioned. In the early games, for sure.

Vigilant / Zorki do not have any numbering of their own, they went within the general flow of the first Zorki model throughout the entire release.

I already have a classic review of the Zorkiy device from 1955 with the number 5559352. According to the classification, this is ZORKI-1 (E) PM1125.

Today we will briefly consider not only the export version, but also a solidly earlier one. Year of manufacture 1951, according to the classification of it will be ZORKI-1 (B) PM1065. In the photo, it is visible on the left and from this angle, the differences are not particularly visible.

ZORKI-1 (B) PM1065
This modification was produced in 1949-51 and is located in the range of numbers 8,000 - 115,000.

The volume of the issue was 110 thousand copies.

Let's see the distinctive features of this camera:

- In addition to the export version of the inscription, the number is on the top cover of the case;
- Earlier standard of shutter speeds (1/20, 1/30, 1/40, 1/60, 1/100, 1/200, 1/500, Z);
- This model has not a cast body yet. Therefore, there is no decorative edging not only around the lens mount, but also along the boundaries of the volcanic rock.

The lens for this instance is a folding Industar-22 1: 3.5 F 50 mm No. 5126973.

Here are some larger photos.

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