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World in faces: east of the Urals

The sphere of interests of the photographer Alexander Himushin is the indigenous and small nations of the world: for 9 years Alexander has visited 85 countries.

Peter Neustroev, Evenk, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). 80 years old. Hereditary reindeer herder, for many years was a guide in the South Yakut integrated expedition. Recently moved from the taiga to the village.

Maria Kamdiga, Udegeika. 32 years. Lives in the village of Gvasiugi, Khabarovsk Territory. He works as a teacher, part-time head teacher at school. He does not speak Udege, but hopes that his son Trofim will learn the language of his ancestors.

Ina Akunka, Oroch, Khabarovsk Territory. 63 years old. Head of the center of Oroch culture in the village of Testament Ilyich.

Diana Kirchanova, Ulta, Sakhalin Oblast. 10 years. Recently she moved with her mother from the village of Val to the city of Korsakov.

Maria Yushkova, Yukagirka, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). 18 years. Studying in Blagoveshchensk at Amur State University as a linguist, but wants to return to his small homeland, in the village of Andryushkino.

Anastasia Kucekta, Ulchi, Khabarovsk Territory. 8 years. In her native village of Bulava at the School of Art, Nastya studies the language, dances and ornament of the Ulchi, and with her mother she engages in carving for birch bark and processing fish skin.

Uncle Seryozha. Hermit, lived in the village of Krasnoe, Khabarovsk Territory. He called himself half Nivkh, but fellow villagers claim that he was a Nanai. Uncle Serezha recently died, and we will never have more details about him.

Maxim Zaksor, Nanaian, the village of Verkhny Nergen, Khabarovsk Territory. 14 years old. Dreams of becoming a geologist.

Sergey Sulyandziga, Udege, village of Krasny Yar, Primorsky Territory. 56 years old. In summer, he walks along the hills to the root - looking for ginseng root.

Makar Kurilov, Yukagir, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). 59 years old. Hereditary reindeer herder. He composes and sings songs in the Yukagir language. He studied with children for a long time - he taught them national songs and dances.

Alexander Dechuli, Ulchi, Khabarovsk Territory. 59 years old. He works as a watchman in the national cultural center in the village of Bulava. Since childhood, enjoys winter ice fishing.

Victor Maximov, Evenk. 75 years old. Lives in the village of Yengra, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Livestock specialist, reindeer herder. Wife, Anna Ivanovna, craftsman of the Republic of Sakha.

Savannah Tuprina, Dolgan, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). 18 years. She entered the Institute of Oil and Gas in Krasnoyarsk, but dreams of returning home to the village of Saskylaah.
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