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The first real photos of NIKKOR Z 58mm f / 0.95 S Noct

Along with the announcement of the full-frame mirrorless Z system, Nikon also talked about the development of an exceptionally fast NIKKOR Z 58mm f / 0.95 S Noct lens. Official photos of optics do not really allow us to imagine its real size - but judging by the maximum aperture, the lens should be very large.

And here are the first real photographs: the Indian photographer Yusuf Katavala took several shots of the NIKKOR Z 58mm f / 0.95 S Noct mockup to show how the lens lies in your hands and how it looks against the background of other existing optics.

In these photos - a comparison of 58mm f / 0.95 with Nikon 105mm f / 1.4 (and this is also a pretty massive lens).

This is the 58mm f / 0.95 on the Nikon Z6 camera:

Judging by the official roadmap of the Z line, the 58mm f / 0.95 will be released in 2019, so, theoretically, the official announcement may take place in a few weeks.
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