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Brief photo-review of the FED-2 camera No. 036846

And again, a brief photo-review of the FED-2 camera. Another modification.
True, collectors are more fond of a slightly earlier version of the PE0360. He has a sleeve around the release button equipped with a lever. We'll look at this model later.

Today - modification PE0365, which also fully deserves attention.

FED-2 (A) PE0365
This instance has the number 036846.

We will compare this camera with the later modification PE0395 (pictured on the right), for which I already have a short review.

The PE0365 model was produced in 1955-1956 and is in the range of numbers from 027,000 to 065,000. The volume of the issue is about 38 thousand copies. In the photo on the left.

Apparatus comparatively rare.

The specific year of release of my copy, I think, can accurately guess as 1956.

So let's compare the two models.

The PE0365 does not have a sync terminal at all.

The devices differ in the design of the exposure head. PE0365 has an earlier head - without a central part. The triangular mark is applied to the upper panel of the case. The shutter speeds can be changed only when the shutter is cocked.

On the upper surface of the body, in addition to the FED emblem, there is also an inscription “Plant named after FE Dzerzhinsky”.

The body is slightly raised under the shutter speed head and forms a small podium.

The feed and rewind heads have a larger knurl, and under the heads on the back of the case of the PE0365 you can see the screw heads that are not present in the PE0395.

The earlier model had a folding FED 3.5 / 50 lens with the number 161803.

Then there will be several larger photos.

That's all

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