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Helios lens

Nikon Z7 by Louis Vuitton

This is a limited edition of the Nikon Z7 from Louis Vuitton. The gold chamber is complemented by deerskin covered with the famous monogram of the LV label. Included with the camera will be a 24-70mm F / 4 S lens and an exotic strap. In total, 7 copies will be issued at a price of $ 7,000,000 each.

This is actually just a joke.

Photographer Boonlert Rojanaboworn of Nikon Club Thailand created this camera in Photoshop as a joke for his community.

But in fact, there is some truth in every joke. Previously, Nikon released gold cameras.

In 1984, Nikon released a camera made of pure gold (24K, 999 samples) Nikon FA. A total of 2,000 units were produced in honor of the prestigious award.

In 2014, Brikk introduced the gold Nikon Df for $ 41,395.

Just two months later, Nikon unveiled its own gold version of Nikon Df, producing 1,600 cameras for about $ 2,700.

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