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Helios lens

Soviet telephoto lens Tair 11A

Tair-11A is a fast telephoto lens for shooting hard-to-reach objects with insufficient lighting. In the distant past, its first version, which was included in a set of several lenses, received grand prix brussels 1958. That, in principle, was a major achievement for the domestic optical structure. More than half a century has passed since then! And the excitement around the Tair-11 lens, in particular version A, is growing in mathematical progression. In part, this is due to the availability of digital SLR technology. On the other hand, interest is fueled by laudatory reviews on photo forums and countless texts about “Bokeh”.

135 mm is the focal length.
2.8 - minimum aperture.
22 - closed aperture.
4/3 - the number of lenses / groups.
18 ° - angle of view.
20 blackened aperture blades.
1.2 meters minimum focusing distance.
44/24 lines / mm resolution from center to edge.
M55 × 0.75 thread for filters.
Single layer enlightenment.
Built-in hood.
Interchangeable Mount System A.

Ergonomics and design:
The lens has a relatively small weight and dimensions. Metal and glass, without springs, levers and buttons. The focus ring is very wide and comfortable, even with gloves you can quite successfully focus. In addition, its stroke is very smooth and soft, from one stop to another it is necessary to make four finger intercepts. Almost a complete revolution, approximately 350 °. That allows you to very accurately focus on the subject.

The installation of the diaphragm is done gently without steps, jumps, jerks and clicks. Everything is very smooth. On the other hand, it is not possible to intuitively track which aperture is set. In order to facilitate the shooting process, the lens has an aperture preset ring. That is, a diaphragm closing stop. Here he switches in steps, with clicks.

Continued on the diaphragm. Not every lens boasts twenty aperture blades. At any value, the hole formed has an ideal circle shape. You don’t have any nuts, only circles in the background.

Also Tair-11A boasts a built-in hood. There is a very important design moment, this is the system of interchangeable shanks A, namely, it is possible to replace the standard mount to the M42 camera with any other one while maintaining infinity.

Art features and photo examples:
Thanks to the almost perfectly circular aperture with 20 blades, beautiful blurring is obtained on open apertures. The picture is sharp, but at the same time plastic. Depth of field for portraiture is enough with an open aperture. Spot lights are drawn correctly (not nuts). The background blurred significantly even on a completely closed aperture.

Tair-11A lens with the makings of a portrait lens. Sharp enough with a plastic picture. There is volume and expressiveness. Bokeh is soft, pleasant blur. Thanks to the interchangeable tail system A, Tair has impeccable versatility. And it is suitable for any mirror and without mirror systems with the appropriate shank.

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