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Helios lens

Soviet lens Industar-61L / Z 2.8 / 50

Industar-61 L / Z 2.8 / 50 is a Soviet lens with M42 thread, designed more for macro photography. The letter "L" in the name indicates that the lens is made of lanthanum glass, and "Z" - that this is a version for SLR cameras. The lens was designed by academician G. Slyusarev and V. Sokolova, built according to the Tessar optical scheme. It was produced in versions with and without multi-enlightenment (depending on the year of production, the color of multilayer enlightenment varies, from purple in the first versions to green in the subsequent ones).

Ergonomics and design:
There is no jump in the lens. The diaphragm is controlled directly by the ring, without springs and levers. Hence the perfect work of the diaphragm, which is not what does not break and does not stick. The focus ring is wide, fingers confidently clasp it; the stroke of the helicoid is smooth. The turn from infinity to the minimum focusing distance is a little more than one full turn, about 380 degrees ...

The minimum focusing distance is 0.3 m. In combination with the huge stroke of the focusing ring, this feature will be very useful for fans of macro photography. It is difficult not to mention the frame of the lens, it serves as a blend, the front lens is set very deep inside. So the side flare is excluded altogether.

The main feature of Industar is the diaphragm. Its 6 petals on open F 2.8 and closed F 16 form an even circular hole. But at a value of 4, it is a hexagon. And on F 5.6 and more - an asterisk. Accordingly, it changes its shape and pattern in the blur zone.

Art Features:
In general, Industar-61 L / 3 conveys contrast well, the picture comes out rather sharp. Also holds a blow in direct and lateral sunlight, but the picture still fades a little.

The Industar 61 L / Z has good macro capabilities. Allows you to shoot in scale: 1: 2.5, inverted 1: 1. At a distance of half a meter, the lens does wonders. With more or less normal light, an excellent result can be achieved. The contrast at height, the sharpness in the center of the frame on the open is excellent. And of course, thanks to the diaphragm that forms the hole in the form of a star, the background is washed in a special way (Bokeh).

Sample photos:

Industar-61L / Z-MS is a full-fledged macro lens. The long stroke of the helicoid, the minimum distance of 0.3 meters, excellent sharpness throughout the field is proof of this. In addition to all of the above, it has an interesting pattern that will decorate any of your photos, if used appropriately. Industar-61L / Z-MS- will become a worthy instance in the arsenal of the photographer!
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