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Helios lens

Legend of the last century - Jupiter 37A 3.5 / 135mm lens

A fast telephoto lens for shooting hard-to-reach and remote places, often used as a portrait lens. The optical scheme of Jupiter-37 A is copied from the Carl Zeiss Sonnar 135 / 3.5 lens, but with a small reservation. The scheme was recalculated for our types of glass, which, in principle, did not have a negative effect and the picture of these lenses cannot be distinguished.

The letter "A" in the name of the lens means that an adapter can be installed on such a lens - an interchangeable shank (for Nikon, Pentax mounts).


Lens for SLR cameras.
The focal length is 135 mm.
The maximum open aperture is 3.5.
Maximum closed - 22.
The number of aperture blades - 12 pcs.
The angle of view is 18 degrees.
Number of lenses / groups - 4/3 pcs.
The minimum focusing distance is 1.2 meters.
The thread for light filters is М52х0.75.
Enlightenment type - single layer
.Weight - 410 grams.
Interchangeable shank system A.

Ergonomics and design:
In comparison with the faster Tair-11A, Jupiter-37A has a much smaller mass and dimensions. It does not take up much space in a small bag, which motivates you to take it as an addition to the standard bag on a hike or trip.

The focusing ring has a wide plane and grooves for more convenient focusing, fingers do not slip. The movement of the helicoid is very smooth and soft, without jerking or rubbing. From lock to lock, you need to make three interceptions with your fingers, an incomplete turn of ~ 210 degrees. That in total contributes to accurate and moderately fast focusing.

The lens boasts a 12-blade diaphragm, which forms a circular aperture at any value. The change in the closing of the diaphragm is smooth, without steps and clicks. The petals have a matte surface and do not glare when exposed to direct sunlight. For more convenient aperture control, the lens has a preset aperture function. Not every owner knows about its presence.

Artistic features and photo examples:
The picture drawn by the lens is, first of all, very contrasting. The lens features detailed and delicate tone reproduction. Sharpness at open aperture in the center of the frame is high. When the aperture is closed, the detail in the center is slightly increased, but in the field and edges it is significantly improved.

The blur on this lens is what it is most often charged for. Despite the seemingly small aperture, it draws a very pleasant soft bokeh. Taking portraits with Jupiter-37A is a pleasure.

Jupiter-37A is a very contrast and sharp lens, which gives an excellent picture. Excellent construction, excellent ergonomics. Everything is in its place, fingers intuitively find all controls. There is nothing to break. The shank changes to any other - a fairy tale. The lens is especially good for female portraits - it comes out airy, soft, pleasant to the eye, and also complements itself with the ability to use it as a telephoto lens for birds, small animals and other distant objects.

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