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Brief photo review of the FED-2 camera No. 330947

Today I have another short photo review.

I plan to make a series of such reviews about the FED-2 camera. They will go in order through the lineup in reverse chronological order.

FED-2 is interesting to me because it includes quite a few options that were produced at different times. The differences between the options are mostly purely visual, but they are really interesting to watch.

I have selected several representatives illustrating the main milestones in the development of the model.

Over time, we will get to fairly early and rare modifications, but so far their turn has not yet come.

And today's guest:

FED-2 (B) PE0395
This copy is numbered 330947 and classified by as type PE0395.

We will compare this camera with a later modification PE0415 (on the right in the photo), on which I already have a brief review.

Model PE0395 was produced in 1956-1958 and is in the range of numbers from 236,000 to 475,000. The production volume, respectively, is quite large - about 239 thousand units.

The device is not rare, occurs often and is inexpensive.

I can only assume the specific year of production of my copy as 1957, based on the position of the number in the interval.

So let's compare the two models.

Immediately striking is the different location of the sync contact socket. In an earlier modification, the socket is lower and closer to the lens.

Various head shapes. PE0395 has a simpler cylindrical head.

At the top of the right head there is no memo of sensitivity and film type.
Knurling on heads, incl. on the shutter speed selector - smaller.

The lens for this specimen is a leash Industar-26M 1: 2.8 F5cm No. 109091.

Below are some larger photos. And by the way. I have a native passport for this device. You can find his scans below.

That's all I have

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